The Solano County African Family Celebration Committee is a non-profit 501 (c) (3) organization created in 1989  to promote the national observance of Juneteenth marking African American freedom from slavery in the United States, to celebrate positive contributions of African Americans nationally and locally, and to promote a cultural connection of the observance as an opportunity to build strong communities through access to health services and education resources.

For almost three decades the Solano County African Family Reunion Celebration Committee has supported opportunities for access to free health care and education resources for families, youth and children through partnerships with local non-profit and major health care providers. The committee shares this valuable information with the community through its network of volunteers serving as the African American Family Reunion Committee.

The AAFRC organizes Vallejo's annual Juneteenth Celebration on the third Saturday in June. This free event attracts over 2,000 visitors and provides an opportunity for the entire community to participate in the national observance of this historic event in our country. The AAFRC partners with local non-profit and for-profit health care organizations that provide free services to community members including immunizations, screenings, dental check-ups, etc. The event also emphasizes education as the key to a successful future and includes participation by local educational institutions and after school programs that seek to increase the number of African American students enrolling in college.

The AAFRC promotes youth awareness of Juneteenth through essay, poetry and art contests. Finally, promoting the entrepreneurial spirit is a strong component of Juneteenth and dozens of small business owners participate in the event as vendors and exhibitors offering a wide variety of products and services.

The overarching message is that Juneteenth is a time to celebrate our community's cultural diversity while promoting access to quality healthcare and education opportunities, and supporting local businesses, all of which create healthy, thriving communities. The AAFRC receives no public funding for the Juneteenth Celebration and depends on the generosity of private businesses and community service organizations to help fund the event.

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Margaret Plump, President
A. Marie Young, Vice President
Sandy Stowes, Secretary
Rosemary Thurston, Treasurer

Genae Brice
Barbara Dempsey
Lynette Henley
Pastor Danny Jefferson
Angela Jones
Evelyn King
Kathlean Kizziee
Douglas Longmire
Valerie Roberts-Gray
Hazel Wilson
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