Sorry, we are no longer accepting applications.
Please fill out theContact Form and we'll notify you when we start accepting applications for the 2020 celebration.

​If you have already submitted your application and fees but still need to apply for insurance, please see if you qualify below and then follow instructions.


All Juneteenth vendors/exhibitors must provide one-day insurance.

Only Merchandise/Other Sales vendors, Food and For Profit vendors or exhibitors may apply to purchase one-day insurance online. Exhibitors providing health or medical services or services requiring professional licenses or certifications must provide their own liability insurance certificate for one-day coverage. 

Click this link to follow instructions and apply for one-day insurance. 

After you input your information you will receive an instant quote. If you select this insurance you may pay with your bank account or credit card OR you may provide a Certificate of Insurance for one day liability coverage from your insurance provider. (See NOTE and required insurance coverage levels A & B on the form or on the print application).

Certificates of Insurance are due by May 17, 2019.


Insurance application


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